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(That said, anything goes these days: trainers, jeans, shorts – I even danced once with a guy wearing Birkenstock sandals.) But secretly I've long wanted to dance, and have quietly berated my younger self for dismissing "girly" ballet lessons. There's the London lawyer who quit her job and retrained as a tango teacher, as well as endless others who disappear to Buenos Aires to immerse themselves in the mothership. But just what is it about this 19th-century immigrant dance that seems to flip people's worlds upside-down?The dance developed from folkloric roots of the traditional indigenous dancers of the tribal people of south america and blending of the waltzes of italian immigrants and french minuets.Over time it evolved and became the form we know today.Time: Thursday Night pm-pm Duration: 1.5 Hour session Address: George Bates Hall, Corner of Wonga and Hill Road, Lurnea Description: This class is a beginner/Intermediate focused class which gives student a exposure to Argentine Tango Dance Lessons and Milonga Practice. The courses cover the fundamentals of Walking (Caminar), Essential figures and technique refinement and development.

And nothing could be a more unlikely choice for me to settle on. I've heard of relationships crashing and burning because the partner realises they take second place to a pastime involving dancing all night with strangers. I've been into kickboxing, rock climbing, free running and surfing, but none has exerted a grip on me quite like tango. The director Sally Potter constructed a whole film around her addiction. I have a scar down one arm from jumping out of a tree – aged 30. On the roads, I am sometimes mistaken for a cycle courier. Because, as a result, I've struggled with the basics – with staying on my axis, flexibility and pointing my toes. Still, while my feet may be more gnarled these days, my posture has improved, I know how to do boleos and ganchos and volcadas (or "flicky leg" moves, as I call them) and, if the whim took me, I could balance like the Karate Kid on a stump of wood. Your standard tango addict chases top performers round the European festival circuit – and can be found most nights of the week at milongas (dance evenings).Outside of Strictly, Vincent and Flavia, as they’re branded, created the stage show Midnight Tango, which has toured for three years, and they’re now working on the follow-up, Dance ’Til Dawn, which opens in the West End in October.

How can they still dance together when they’ve been through that heartbreak? “We both love what we do so much.” “Dancing is the reason that we were brought together,” says Cacace.He chose Cacace, another Italian, who had moved to England when she was five.

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